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Apple Introduces iPod Touch 4 (Fourth Generation)

Apple iPod Touch since 2007 has been the best PMP in the market for music, web or gaming. The only thing really to say about the fourth-generation model is more awesome, yet still not quite a match for the capabilities of the iPhone 4.

The pricing is the same at the high end, with a 32GB model going for $299, and a 64GB version for $399. The 8GB entry model is $229, which is pricier than the $199 8GB version they kept around last year, but has the advantage of sharing all the same specs as other expensive models.

As far as design goes, the fourth-generation model is noticeably lighter and thinner than previous generations but still maintains a sturdy feel with curved, chromed steel backing. The curve is a little less pronounced than the second- and third-generation models, allowing it to lay flat without wobbling, but it still maintains a slimmer taper at the edges than the first-generation version. The volume rocker is now split into two separate buttons, however, the profile of the buttons is the same as before. The screen lock button is still at the top, though located on the right as opposed to the left side.. The black antenna window on the back is gone. Headphone and dock connections are on the bottom where they've always been, only now they're joined by small speaker grille slit on the left side of the dock connection.

The news about the new Touch is the addition of two video cameras--one facing the user and one facing out. The front-facing camera is meant for use with Apple's Facetime video chat app (first unveiled with iPhone 4), as well as any supported third-party apps. With Facetime on the Touch, users can place or receive video calls to both iPhones or other iPod Touch, using an e-mail address, as opposed to a phone number.. The feature can be used with a plug-in headset (not included) or simply with the integrated speaker and microphone. Touch can be owned for as little as $229, & Facetime on the iPod Touch is a unique and noteworthy feature making it value of money.

The rear-facing camera on Touch is capable of capturing still images and video up to 720p. It is not, however, identical to the camera on the iPhone 4. It uses a different sensor and there's no flash. It's also incapable of working with the new HDR camera feature being rolled out for the iPhone. Still, it's a welcome addition and opens the door to many more apps and uses.

Under the hood, you have a ton of features carried over from iPhone 4. The processor is the same A4 chip as the iPhone. There's an integrated gyroscope now for more fine-grain gaming control. The Wi-Fi antenna now supports 802.11n at 2.4GHz. And last, but not least, the LCD is the same 3.5-inch "retina" display used on the iPhone 4, sporting a 960 by 640 resolution.

Also Apple's new 99-cent HD TV rentals, which are compatible with the Touch.

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