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Microsoft Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8 - The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Microsoft has officially removed the wraps fromWindows Phone 8 aka Apollo, the next major upgrade to its failed mobile OS and shot its entire existing user base to hell in the process.

Lets start with Good things first, of Windows Phone 8. There we have plenty of new features  Windows Phone 8 will support like Better Hardware dual-core and quad-core CPUs, higher screen resolutions (WVGA, WXGA, 720p), swappablememory cards, IPv6 and native NFC.
It will feature a "Wallet Hub" which will allows to use Windows Phone 8 devices for mobile payment and more, a "Company Hub" which allows companies create their own Windows Phone 8 Hub for custom employee apps. Additionally, Office for Windows Phone is also being beefed-up for enterprises, though no specific details were shared on this aspect.
It will also include Internet Explorer 10 (IE10), Skype and Bing Maps replaced with much better Nokia Drive will be pre-loaded on all Windows Phone 8 devices, enabling offline navigation f…

Why Microsoft Surface Tablet will be dead on arrival

Microsoft recently unveiled its Surface Tablet hybrid. Its a tablet that can connect with a iPad like smart cover which has integrated keyboard and track-pad. The Surface has Magnesium chassis, vapour deposition coating, cutaway edges, ClearType HD display. It will come in two versions normal and pro. The normal version has ARM processor and comes with Windows 8 (WOA, RT or whatever they are calling it now). The pro version has x86 Intel 3rd Gen Core-i5 processor(Ivy Bridge). The ARM version has a 720p HD display and x86 version has 1080p display.

Now, to actually compare the Surface to other tablets and hybrids in the market, Surface doesn't offer anything revolutionary or new to the market. The only revolutionary feature it has is a smart cover which has keyboard and track-pad. Seriously, it feels like Microsoft has accepted that touch can never replace physical keyboard. This strategy is a failure from the get-go. Even though, iPad has many optional keyboards for those who need,…

Microsoft to offer cheap Windows 8 upgrade for ₹699 or $12.6 India and $15 for US consumers

After getting negative reports on Windows 8, Microsoft is getting desperate to make it a success. Windows 8 Release Preview which released on 31st May 2012, just like the previous Developer Previews and Consumer Previews versions is getting mixed to negative feedback from the market. Now, Microsoft has already confirmed prices for upgrade to Windows 7 users. In the US, Windows 7 PC buyers starting June 1st will be offered Windows 8 upgrades at $15 when the OS launches. Microsoft's Windows 8’s final launch is expected around October.

In a press release issued by the company, Microsoft India has confirmed ₹699 for Windows 8 Pro upgrades with bundled 90 days of support from Microsoft.. For PCs bought starting June 2, 2012 Offer valid till January 31st and is redeemable before the program expiration at the end of February 2013, Windows 7 versions eligible for upgrade are: Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional & Ultimate, while Starter is not eligible.In the US, the upgrade price i…

Why Microsoft's Windows 8 Tablets will be an utter failure

Microsoft's just released the Release Preview of Windows 8 yesterday. With Windows 8 Microsoft is trying to 'Kill two birds with one stone' i.e. its targeting both desktop PCs and Tablets. Can Microsoft succeed in this ambitious plan, we are certainly not sure. Here are some of the points that suggest Why it will be an utter failure bigger then Vista why:-

Metro UI/UX-

First and foremost thing users will notice when they boot up to Windows 8 will be a new interface. Gone are the traditional Windows UI elements like Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons, the gorgeous Aero glass effects, now everything is replaced with a gaudy colors that remind you of classical Windows 1x era. Instead of icons you will be greeted with big in your face tiles for each app that might remind you of Tetris or Lego building blocks or remember AOL 1996. The Start screen is your new desktop, Yes you read it right now you default desktop will be Start Menu with its ugly looking blocks changing their state r…

Sandbox and lock Android to make it safe and secure for kids with Play Safe

As a concerned parent, You must be be worried when your kids use your smartphone. Who hasn't? But, it's impossible to trust your toddler to stay within a designated app and not explore.

Enter Play Safe, it is an Android app that that gives your kids a sandbox, allows you to set a predefined list of apps your child can access which ensures that they can play, well, safe.

The setup process walks you through selecting approved apps for your child, along with how to unlock the app once your child is done. Right now, you press and hold on the Play Safe logo for 5 seconds to exit the app.

When you want to give your young one a turn with the phone, you just run Play Safe, then rest easy in the knowledge that he or she won’t be able to do anything but run the apps you’ve sanctioned.

When the time comes to exit Play Safe, you simply hold down the app’s logo for three seconds. Older kids might be able to figure this out, which is why the developers will soon be adding password protection.