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Here is a new Anti Virus called Threat Fire which has a new technology
to detect viruses & spyware. Unlike most antiviruses which has a
database to detect them threat fire detects them with there behaviour
so no need to frequently update it when new virus is out.
It can also be used with most anti viruses with tradational database
type scanning.
I use it with Avast!
With this combination your pc would be Virtually virus proof.
Download Threat Fire from


To increase the speed of your USB Drive. Plug in your USB Drive.
Open My Computer, right-click on your USB Drive and choose Properties.
Under Hardware, select the USB Drive and choose Properties. In the
dialog that Pops up, you'll see that " Optimize for quick removal" is
selected by default.
Change this to "Optimize for Performance".
Remove USB and insert it again. Now try to copy some file into it you
will notice a decrease in the time taken to copy.

Convert an .exe to open and run with a .jpeg

1.Firstly, create a new folder and make sure that the options 'show hidden files' is checked and ‘hide extensions for known file types’ is unchecked.Basically whats needed is to see hidden files and see the extension of all your files on your pc.

2.Paste a copy of your server on the new created folder. let's say it's called server.exe (that's why you need the extension of files showing,cause you need to see how to change it)

3.Now you’re going to rename this server.exe to whatever you want,let’s say for example picture.jpeg

4.Windows is going to warn you if you really want to change this extension from exe to jpeg, click "YES".

5.Now create a shortcut of this picture.jpeg in the same folder.

6.Now that you have a shortcut,rename it to whatever you want, for example,Anirudh.jpeg.

7.Go to properties (on file Anirudh.jpeg) and now you need to make some changes over there.

8.First of all delete all the text on field START IN and leave it empty.

9.Then on fiel…

Speed up Mozilla Firefox about 3 to 30x Faster

If you are using firefox like me then you should try this.

1. Type "about:config" into the address bar and hit return. Scroll
down and look for the following entries:


Normally the browser will make one request to a web page at a time.
When you enable pipelining it will make several at once, which really
speeds up page loading.

2. Alter the entries as follows:

Set "network.http.pipelining" to "true"

Set "network.http.proxy.pipelining" to "true"

Set "network.http.pipelining.maxrequests" to some number like 30. This
means it will make 30 requests at once.

3. Lastly right-click anywhere and select New-> Integer.
Name it "nglayout.initialpaint.delay" and set its value to "0".
This value is the amount of time the browser waits before it acts on information it receives.

4.After altering the entries given above close the f…

Change Ur IP Address

Quote:The following is a guide on how to change your IP in 30 seconds or less. This can be used if your IP has been banned from a game server, or on gunbound if your IP get's blocked. I've tried this on both Windows XP and Windows 2000, and it has worked:

1. Click on "Start" in the bottom left hand corner of screen
2. Click on "Run"
3. Type in "command" and hit ok

You should now be at an MSDOS prompt screen.

4. Type "ipconfig /release" just like that, and hit "enter"
5. Type "exit" and leave the prompt
6. Right-click on "Network Places" or "My Network Places" on your desktop.
7. Click on "properties"

You should now be on a screen with something titled "Local Area Connection", or something close to that, and, if you have a network hooked up, all of your other networks.

8. Right click on "Local Area Connection" and click "properties"
9. Double-click on the &quo…