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Kinect for Windows: Update 1.5 Released

Microsoft today updated to version 1.5 of the Kinect for Windows runtime and SDK, and made Kinect for Windows hardware additionally available in Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan. The company says that additional countries will be added in June, which include Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, India, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. The current price of Kinect for Windows is $249 .

The updated release adds several capabilities intended to help developers use the Kinect sensor in new and intriguing ways.

Kinect Studio, which allows developers to record and play back Kinect data, dramatically shortening and simplifying the development lifecycle of a Kinect application. Now a developer writing a Kinect for Windows application can record clips of users in the application’s target environment and then replay those clips at a later time for testing and further development.

The Face T…

Windows 8 will ditch Aero Glass interface

Microsoft's Jensen Harris, Director of Program Management for Microsoft’s User Experience team, over on the Building Windows 8 Blog has revealed that it has made some big changes to its desktop UI for Windows 8, which includes moving away from Aero Glass — the UI first introduced with Vista. According to the company, this means visual changes that include "flattening surfaces, removing reflections, and scaling back distracting gradients."

Aero gave the appearance of highly-rendered glass, light sources, reflections, and other graphically complex textures in the title bars, taskbar, and other system surfaces. The effect, which was purely cosmetic, allowed the desktop, icons and windows that were hidden beneath other windows to show through the surround of the application.

This the new theme that will replace the Aero Glass UI.

To conclude, I am not a fan of Metro UI, it looks and feels to boring and dull (read ugly) to me. The use to bold colors adds makes it look even wors…

Samsung Galaxy S3 review

Samsung just unveiled its flagship Galaxy S3. With host of software and hardware improvements. looks like HTC One X has finally got some competition.

Hardware wise,it has a Quad Core Samsung's own Exynos chip @ 1.4Ghz, which is made on 32nm manufacturing process, making it more power efficient. The S3 has a bigger 4.8 inches screen and the phone is slightly longer and wider. Amazingly the S3 is thinner than the HTC One X.

Here are some of the features of latest Galaxy phone-

The S3 comes with 16GB and 32GB of internal storage, a memory card slot as well as 50GB of free storage with DropBox.

An AMOLED Screen
The biggest pull of the Galaxy S III, at least initially, is its screen. At 4.8 inches, it’s huge, larger than the screen of the Galaxy S II and a tad bit smaller than that of the Galaxy Note.

Wireless charging (optional) This is a optional feature announced. You can purchase a separate wireless charger and use it to charge the phone without connecting any wire to the phone. The…

LG is through with Windows Phone, will concentrate of Google Android

LG Electronics has backed off from Windows Phone smatphones and will focus on Google's Android, according to a report.

This news comes with the announcement of Steve Ballmer headed to Seoul Digital Forum on May 22 where he will be meeting with various business and developers. Though LG claims to not know his business schedule the implication is that Ballmer may meet with LG for some damage control regarding their recent smartphone decision.

LG has noted that Windows Phone 7, based devices hold less than 2% of the global smartphone market, according to multiple market analysts.

“The total unit of Windows Phone sold in the global market is not a meaningful figure,” said the LG spokesman, further elaborating that it currently has no plans of rolling out another LG-manufactured Windows phone soon.

LG will now be putting resources into developing Android devices and needs to continue doing so to compete with Samsung and HTC devices.

This is clearly a sign that not only consumers but als…