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Google Talk 9 GTalk Cheats

With Google Talk being all the craze right now, some people hating it, and others loving it, I figured that I would post a list of tips and tricks for those curious about the extra "features" Google implemented and has not said much about.

Registry Tweaks

You can edit most settings by opening regedit (start -> regedit),
and navigating to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Talk.
The "Google/Google Talk" key has several sub-keys that hold different option values:
Accounts: This one has subkeys for each different account that has logged in on the client. These keys have different values that store the username, password and connection options.
Autoupdate: Stores the current version information. When the client checks for updates it compares Google's response with these values. If an update is needed, it will download and update the new version.
Options: This is the most interesting part, where most of the current hacks should be used (keep reading).
Process: Stores the process ID. Probably used by Google Talk to detect if it's already running or not.
1.) HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Talk\Options\show_pin
If 1, shows a "pin" next to the minimize button that keeps the windows on top of all the other open windows when clicked.
2.)HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Talk\Options\view_show_taskbutton
If 0, hides the taskbar button, and leaves the tray icon only, when the window is shown
3.)HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Talk\Options\away_inactive
If 1, status will be set as Away after the specified number of minutes.
4.)HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Talk\Options\away_screensaver
If 1, status will be set as Away after the specified number of minutes.
5.)HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Talk\Options\inactive_minutes
Number of inactive minutes to become away if auto-away is on

Change the font size -

While holding the control key, move the scroll wheel on your mouse either up or down. This trick works while being focused in either the read or write area.

Insert line breaks -

If you want to have a message that spans multiple paragraphs, just hold shift and hit enter. You can add as many new lines as you want to create.

Bold Text -

To write something bold, you can use an asterisk before and after the word, like *this* .
Italic Text - To use italics, use an underscore before an after the word, like _this_ .

Switch windows -

Hitting tab will cycle through open windows. It will select minimized conversations, to expand them just hit enter. If you just want to cycle through IM's and don't care about the buddy list, control-tab will do that and will automatically expand a minimized conversation if you settle on one.

Invitation Tips -

You don’t need to say Yes or No when someone wants to add you as a friend; you can simply ignore it, the request will go away. (On the other hand, someone with whom you chat often will automatically turn to be your friend, unless you disable this in the options). ]

Show Hyperlinks -

You can show your homepage or blog URL simply by entering the it in your away message (at the top of the main window). It will automatically turn to a link visible to others.

Get invisible in gtalk

1. download this software from here
replace * with t (2 stars r dere
replace # with . (4 hash r dere)

(this is a direct download link just click and download) install this software and open the psi.exe
which u get after installing on ur desktop by double clicking on it the psi: Add account window
do this

in name write this

name:Google talk

and now click on add button

4. now in psi: account properties
do this----

(Write ur own gmail id here)

(ur gmail id password)

no seprate registration is required just ur gmail id
works as jabber id and password

select "automatically connect at startup"
if u want to get connected to gtalk through Jabber

select "Automatically reconnect if disconnected"
if u want to get reconnected automatically if got disconnected
coz of any reason like dc ....

"log message history" default:selected
keep it as like that if u wana log of chat history else uncheck it

5. now click on connection tab in the same window i.e.
psi: account properties

now in advanced section
check mark all the boxes

6. now in
(as soon as u write port will become 5223 check it if it
does not become 5223 then write there manually)

now click on save button

7. now in
psi:useful tips
select close button and if u don't wana useful tips
then uncheck the box "show tips at start up"
now in psi main window at bottom u will see a star symbol and beside it written offline
click on the drop down arrow there and select ONLINe Option

it will show connecting and in arnd 3 sec u will get connected

now u will get to see complete frnd list at the main window

and above all the names u will see "google talk" (above general)

8. select it by left cleck and right click on it in appearing shortcut menu
XML Console

now a window named google talk:XML Console will appear with black screen

9.on the bottom left side of the window u will see enable option
check it by clicking on square beside it

and click on the xml input button

now in XML input window write the following code



now click on transmit button

now google talk xml console u will see a lot of things written in
yellow after 1sec u click on trasmitdon't worry just close that
window by clicking on close button.

DATS ALL U ARE INVISIBLE CHECK IT by asking ur fried frm the list shown
in frnd list
or log to gtalk frm some other account and see ur status
u will be shown as offline
(note ur status is showing online in ur psi window only but by that xml code which u transmitted
ur actually offline in ur frnds window)

10. now to get back to online mode so that ur frnd can see u select that drop down
arrow in staus and select online again

now u will become visible to others

11. to get in invisible mode again u have to tranmit the xml code again
to do this again right click on GOOGLE TALK and select XML CONSOLE in
menu and click on clear button now click XML INPUT and paste the code
agian there and click on transmit again u will see that yellow things
click on close and dats all again u r in invisible mode

just be in wat ever mode u want

theres a pain in putting code so i will advice u too
just keep a copy of the code in notepad and copy paste....


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